Saturday, March 25, 2006


When we sell a book sometimes I pause and look at it. And wonder. Someone actually wrote this? Someone actually bought it? Go figure. We sold King Solomon Skipped by Peter Wohlfelder this weekend and the book made me wonder in this way.

The "ancient mystery" revealed in this 72 page book is the joys and benefits of skipping. Apparently there is one (yes, one) Bible verse that mentions King Solomon skipping through the hills. The author uses this to justify skipping as a superior form of exercise. The author makes the following claims:
  • Children who skip do better academically.
  • Skipping can renew your youth.
  • Skipping does more than flood your brain and body with endorphins. It also triggers love chemicals that give you the same euphoric feeling you have when you are first in love.
  • Skipping isn't hard on the joints, like jogging. "Skipping in contrast is a smooth-flowing motion with much better results. You actually feel like you are flying."

Flying! Love chemicals! I decided to give it shot, in front of the children, on our new laminate floor. "That's not how you skip!" said one of them and proceeded to give a demonstration. She skipped and fully extended her legs and looked very graceful. So did daughter #2. The youngest daughters just sat there and smiled mischievously at my attempts. I didn't feel young or lovey-dovey or more intelligent after skipping. And compared to my daughters' skipping, mine looked like clumsy hopping (or, more specifically, like what your leg does when you unexpectedly step on a Playmobil doll or Lego brick in the middle of the night). So I'll skip it. It's obviously an activity for the young. Or for men with 1000 wives and all the riches in the world and don't have to care whether or not they look foolish in public.

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Blogger Amber Benton said...

LOVE your blog. My husband and I have just begun our online selling venture together (we've been playing at it for almost two years), but sales are making us take it more seriously, AND its fun! WE are expecting boy #4 in about a month, so we thought it funny that you had 4 girls (and we both used to spend our money on books at the flea markets - so I guess we've always been scouts at heart!). Thanks for the blog, it's great reading.
I DID want to comment on skipping, though. I happen to agree with this author! I was taught to skip when I was about 7 years old by my great aunt Ruth who must have been near 70 as she's nearing 100 now. She said that skipping made you happy, and you could skip a lot farther than you could run with less energy, and she told me how she loved to skip as a little girl. And I believed her because there came over her a sudden transformation and I could see this 70 year old nearly blind woman whom I had never noticed as anything but old skipping as a young girl. And so maybe for that reason skipping to me connotates nothing but joy, and if I feel bad enough I have been known to skip. It's hard to feel down and skip at the same time :)

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