Friday, March 03, 2006


Every week we sell books that, when I look at the title, make my teeth fall asleep at the thought of reading them. Here are a few examples from this past week's sales:

Republican Ascendancy, 1921-1933 by John Hicks

The Shape of Thought: An Analytical Anthology by George Bond

Negative Dialetics by Theodore Adorno

This title was the most interesting to me:

Murfles and Wink-a-Peeps: Funny Old Words for Kids by Susan Sperling

children's Bible sold for $35 and I can't figure out why it's worth that much. It's an ordinary toddler sized Bible with unimpressive illustrations and only one or two sentences per page. I found this Bible at the thrift shop that has a mostly lousy book selection yet I always find a gem or two there. I hesitated about paying $1.49 for it but decided to take a chance on it because I've never seen this book before. Because toddlers are inclinced to color and gnaw upon books I wonder how a parent can be relaxed about handing a $35 book to their little one. But I'm not complaining. It's good for business, after all.
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Blogger Texas Matushka said...

What a great blog. I am totally into Christian children's literature (the good stuff...not veggie tales).
See It's new but I am super excited about blogging about my favorites.

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