Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oppressed by good books

We have to vacate our main storage place by June 10. More than two thirds of our listed books are there in addition to 50 boxes of unlisted books. 50. Boxes.

Being forced to move is good, of course. We're pruning dead weight from the inventory, as I mentioned here. We're now no longer listing books that are worth less than $10. I try to go through one or two boxes each day and quickly look up each book and weed out the unlistable ones, so that we will have less than 50 boxes to transfer to the new storage place.

It's a weird feeling. I look up a book and actually hope that it's worthless so that we don't have to move it. But no. It seems that book after book is worth more than $10, sometimes much more and I have to keep it. I'm unearthing a lot of buried treasure. With all these books we wouldn't have to go to a sale for a year, maybe more, except that we will keep going to our favorite sales so we don't lose our scouting skills.

The $10+ books keep piling up by my computer, waiting to be listed. Oh the oppression. After June 10, though, I suppose sitting at the computer and listing books, instead of moving them, will actually feel like a vacation.
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