Monday, June 12, 2006

Empty, lost

Standing in our empty storage room on Friday was a relief, after so many weeks spent moving our books. All of our listed books are now in our home and I was eager for the first Friday order to arrive because I knew I would only have to walk a few steps, rather than hop in the car, to go retrieve it.

It was a $20 book. woo hoo. Except that it wasn't on the shelf. It wasn't in any of the five boxes of unshelved books. I spontaneously dropped everything and shelved those five boxes of books in my frustration to find the $20 book. During the two hours I spent shelving books I felt slightly desperate like I do when I can't find my keys when I'm late, or when I used to look for a child's pacifier in the middle of the night. Shelving all the books was an important task to complete but I did not feel any satisfaction because the $20 book was still missing. I looked everywhere. I thought of ways to blame the children and searched their bags of play things. I even became somewhat dramatic in my thinking, with the "Oh no, I'll never find another book, I've ruined our business by culling our inventory so dramatically and moving all these books" soundtrack going through my head.

Then an order arrived for a $32 book. I found it. Whew. I noticed it was from the thrift store where I never find anything decent, except for this $32 book, so I made a mental note to stop there again. We've had several more orders since Friday and I found all the books. I didn't ruin our business after all.
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Blogger Mimi said...

Congratulations! It must feel great.

10:46 AM  
Blogger GuusjeM said...

I reading blogs because I'm avoiding going upstairs to the book room to look for 2 books which refused to appear yesterday. I am hoping a good nights sleep has convinced them to quit playing hide and seek!

5:31 PM  

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