Monday, July 17, 2006

I Like Bookselling Again

Last Thursday I forced myself out the door to scout for inventory. Acquisitions are supposed to be the fun part of the job. I went to a library sale the week before and picked up only two books. I had the worst possible attitude. Plus I spent way too much time trying to look books up on the internet with my cell phone. I'm still learning how to do that and think now I might chuck it completely until I can afford a Blackberry phone and surf the net properly. It's so easy to dither around with the cell phone or tell myself "We have tons of unlisted books in storage" or "I really should spend time looking for inventory online." That's how ruts begin.

I went straight to the thrift store where I knew I would be guaranteed to find at least a few good books. I went straight to the sections where I already have a base of knowledge. I didn't whip out my cell phone (I had lost it at the zoo earlier in the day and it's just as well). I didn't even have my scouting book with me and I didn't strain to remember some of the things from my scouting book. I focused on what I already knew. I lost myself in the process for at least half an hour, got into a rhythm and brought home a box full that I was excited to list, which I did later that day. There's an excitement about going out in the field that motivates me to sit down and list books. Books in storage aren't exciting. There's something about freshly picked books from the field that is more exciting. One of those books has sold already and we actually had a surge of sales this weekend. I hope the excitement, and the sales, continue.
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Blogger GuusjeM said...

I agree! It's so much easier to list the books that just came in the door than it is to list the ones in boxes in the garage!
I am a ScoutPal devotee but I rarely use at library sales -it's just to hectic. I will put some (just a few!) books aside and check them when I do my final cull.
At library sales I very much go by my wits and my prior knowledge.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Ooh, I SO agree. On the day I get new books, I'm always a flurry to get them going, even though I almost always have a backlog that's waiting too.

4:30 PM  

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