Monday, July 10, 2006

The Little Things

The Priority Mail flat rate envelope is my new friend.

Yes, I've been selling books for two years and only now have I discovered the flat rate Priority Mail envelope. Padded envelopes as large as #2 can fit inside of these envelopes, which cost only $4.05 to ship anywhere in the United States. And here I've been using Priority Mail boxes, or just slapping Priority Mail stickers on mailers, and often paying $1-3 more in postage. Most books ship via Media Mail rather than Priority Mail, but those $1-3 overpayments add up.

I've been wise to the flat rate *boxes* and the *global* Priority Mail envelopes from the get go but somehow I was unaware of this envelope and I don't know why the mail clerks didn't mention them to me. But that's OK. When I want to spend a few minutes dissing Crocs or discussing the movie The Devil Wears Prada or extolling the virtues of Mr. Clean Erasers, my favorite mail clerk is always happy to listen. Because I can't have such discussions at I will keep going to the post office.

I also recently discovered that when I want to send an e-mail to an Amazon customer I can reply to the order notification e-mail that Amazon sends and my e-mail will go directly to the customer. I don't have to go to my Amazon account and scrounge up the order and find the customer's e-mail address that way. Doh! Why didn't I figure that out before?

Another little thing that is helpful: Google desktop search. It's a much quicker way to search for files and e-mails and orders.

Today I had to package books without the benefit of scissors because I couldn't find them (i.e. the children misplaced them). Scissors. A little thing but absolutely essential. I couldn't even find the pinking shears, which I often use in desperation when the scissors are lost. My Favorite Mail Clerk likes how the labels look when I cut them with pinking shears so maybe the customers do too. But today I had to fold and tear them by hand. Aarrgh.

The little things dont matter, however, if I don't list books. I will go list five books now. Really. I will. No procrastinating. No siree.
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Anonymous Jim C. said...

Wow! Thanks Anita, I wasn't aware of those priority flat rate mailers! I will be sure to pick some up next time I am at the post office.

5:50 PM  
Blogger GuusjeM said...

Don't forget about the Global Priority Flat Mailers for overseas shipments. $9.50, so it's within the Amazon postage allotment and your customers will be thrilled to get their books quickly.

3:01 PM  

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