Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August 1 Came and Went

And I didn't sign up for Abebooks as I thought I might. One of my first thoughts after the eBay store changes was the possibility that maybe we should reopen our account at Abebooks on August 1. Now that I'm spending less on eBay fees I have to spend that money somewhere else, right?

We started our bookselling career on Abebooks back in the good old days when Abe would list your inventory on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Amazon Canada and in addition to their own site and at no additional fee. Now that's no longer the case and last year they had serious snafus while redesigning their site and we dropped them six months ago. If they would lower their monthly fee ($37 to be listed only on their site) I'd come running back. The international sales are strong there so I might do it anyway, at least for August - January.

Whenever I think about the Abebooks $37 monthly fee it makes me think about smartphones, because the monthly fee for that is comparable, so I spent a bit of time researching options yesterday. Because my current cell phone provider can't seem to get me a cell phone that browses the internet (they tell me my current cell phone is "too new" but let's not discuss it or I'll start grinding my teeth and my dentist wants me to stop doing that) I'm one of the few booksellers that hasn't used ScoutPal. At this point I might as well bypass that step and get a smartphone with a full keyboard and have the ability to go to bookfinder or Amazon while scouting for inventory. I was shocked to discover that you can now get Blackberry phones for one cent (or less!), and right now the BlackBerry 8700c seems to be the leading candidate. There's also the Cingular 8125 and the Samsung SCH-i730 and ever so many other options.

Abebooks or smartphone? Or both? Decisions, decisions. If only they made a smartphone that was smart enough to tell me which sales have the good books.
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