Monday, August 28, 2006

A book I will miss

I have no interest in skiing. Even though I grew up in Wisconsin my only exposure to skiing as a child was ABC's Wide World of Sports. During the opening credits every week they would show the "Agony of Defeat" footage of a skier falling off a ramp. At a young age I decided that watching other skiers crash was far safer than (literally) hitting the slopes myself.

Even so, I couldn't help but be mesmerized by the photos in this 1957 book about skiing. Notice how he isn't wearing a hat or jacket. He's dressed like he's spending an afternoon at the ski lodge sipping hot chocolate mixed with Baileys Irish Creme, not like a man skiing down the slopes in Norway in mid-winter:

Did you notice the back flip? Pretty cool. Here is one of the step-by-step instructional photos. Rather impressive camera work for 1957:

Another nice shot of the gentleman skier with a dramatic spray of powdery white snow in the background. No agony of defeat here:

This book is packed with 100+ photos, including a few action shots of water skiing and several shots of the mountains of Norway in winter. I sold it on eBay last week for $12 so it's not a valuable book. Even though I am still not inspired to hit the slopes - snow shovelling and snowman production are my main winter activities - I will miss paging through this book.

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Blogger Mimi said...

Yeah, I'll get right on that skiing backward thing. Shudder. I went skiing once.

I do like water skiing though.

10:54 AM  
Blogger blaza said...

I Like the ebay and marketing

2:20 AM  

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