Sunday, September 10, 2006

Free Help

A few online helps have revolutionized my life as of late. And they're free.

A couple of times per day I now sit down to my own custom-made magazine thanks to
Google Reader. Google Reader is a place to store your favorite blog and website links. Each time the blog is updated the new entry appears in Google Reader. No more wasting time laboriously clicking on individual blog links. I can now read more blogs in less time.

I've had a Yahoo e-mail address for years but had been oblivious of the Yahoo calendar feature until a couple of weeks ago. Someone on an e-mail list recommended Microsoft Outlook to a frazzled mom. That program costs money, however, so I wondered if Yahoo might have a calendar and, sure enough, they do. Once upon a time I used a Franklin Covey planner. In recent years I've used a wall calendar. I'm not usually in the vicinity of the calendar when I need to write something down and, even if I am near the calendar, I usually can't find a pen. Yahoo Calendar also has a task list and notepad for writing down grocery lists or whatever. I may never need to use a pen again.

I tried a free book repricing service last week:
Tooyen. I had always been reluctant to use a repricing tool for fear that it would slash prices even more dramatically than Wal Mart. But Tooyen repriced items in a conservative yet competitive way and left many items unchanged. I was pleased.

Now that I have this nifty calendar, repricing tool and reading program I have even more time to list books. A bonus. I think.

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Oooh, very cool

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