Friday, October 13, 2006

Here's a Flashpoint For You

A fun title: Men are From Locker Rooms, Women are from Luxury Boxes: A Woman's Guide to Understanding Spectator Sports

The cheapest copy on Amazon is $225. But why? Would women rather fork over $200 to read a book about sports than sit through endless hours of games? Tomorrow I will be at a library sale and will be sure to check out the sports section. It's the type of book one would expect to find at a sale. Surely there are 1000's of men who bought this book for the women in their lives (along with some astro turf negligee), women who would probably happily donate it to a library sale.

The sales rank is slightly more than 1 million so it's not a brisk seller. I looked on Google but couldn't find any cached pages with recent sales information. I suppose it's one of those books where one could price it high initially and then gradually lower the price until it sells.

I'll have to drive through football traffic to get to this library sale tomorrow. Finding this book there would be a nice reward.
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