Sunday, October 15, 2006

ScoutPal has turned her into a Scout Pal

I knew that buying some new technology would reinvigorate our business but I didn't anticipate the free labor it would bring me. Well, not entirely free. I sometimes dole out Twix bars or Starbucks coffee as compensation.

First Daughter has become my constant companion at sales since I purchased a new Motorola RAZR cell phone and activated ScoutPal. She is 13 and, previously, was more than happy to stay home while I went to sales. Now she is more than happy to tag along and sit and do price lookups, giving me more time to pick books.

I don't have many skills to pass on to her. I can't sew, knit, garden, make furniture, fix engines or cook very well. But, by golly, I have a cell phone and ScoutPal. Along the way she is absorbing a few flashpoints and learning that making money working for yourself is, in fact, a possibility. She even listens politely now when I sometimes go on at length about why I picked a particular book from the shelf. I hesitated before purchasing the Motorola RAZR - it's a bit more expensive than many of the cell phones on the market - but now I see it was a very worthwhile investment indeed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a RAZR too and am familiar with ScoutPal. At their site they mention adding on a Nextel phone. Since you have a Motorola can I assume you didn't have to create a whole new wireless account with Nextel (I'm on Cingular), but used exactly what you have and just bought the add-on package? Thanks. Bette

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