Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shiny Books

I like shiny things. Shiny floors, shiny mirrors, shiny silver bracelets. And shiny books. A reader of my article for Elaine Krieg Smith's blog asked for further clarification about shiny books, so here goes.

When I'm at a sale and not finding much, or it's crowded, or I'm feeling tired, I look for shiny books. I start in the children's section and look for shiny picture books. More often than not I can find some picture books that aren't hypercommon and that will sell for $10.00 or more and have a good sales rank. I'll sell books for as low as $5.00 if the sales rank is in the four figures. Shiny young adult books are, in my experience, mostly worthless. Educational/homeschool books, text books are another area where shininess often pays off. Fiction? Not so much.

I know, I know. It's the children's picture books before 1963 that are worth the big money. It's the esoteric non-fiction with dull covers and titles that are worth money. And so on. I'm simply tossing out the idea that a steady stream of sales of $10.00 (or more) shiny books is motivating to the beginning seller as they learn the ropes and it helps the bottom line of the experienced seller.
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