Friday, October 13, 2006

Smoking or Non-Smoking?

This past week I received at least three e-mails from potential buyers asking me if the book is from a non-smoking home. One of them also wanted to know if my home is pet-free.

Until this week I've never received this question so it makes me wonder. Did someone recently publish an article about malodorous books, telling buyers to beware? Do online booksellers have a reputation for being smokers? After all, our workplaces don't have restrictions on smoking. We can even wear white bathrobes and drink (Wild Cherry Pepsi in my case) while listing books.

I never use the "from a non-smoking home" line in my eBay descriptions but maybe I will start doing so. I wonder how much a book's value would increase if the words, "read by Audrey Hepburn while smoking" were included in the description. That might be one instance where smoke would increase the value of the book.

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Blogger GuusjeM said...

I always include the words "smoke free home" in all my listings. And I'm of those folks who asks and won't buy from someone who smokes while they pack their books. Have you every bought a book from a smoker? You open the package and everything smells like a stale ashtray. YUCK! Nothing gets rid of the smell.

6:25 PM  
Blogger jgodsey said...

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1:18 AM  
Blogger jgodsey said...

It comes in waves. For a while you get a spate of these emails then it slacks off and then you will get another bunch, perhaps next year. I have been seeing these emails for quite a few years now. it IS a concern, since fewer people smoke, more people are smoke sensitive AND a lot of unscrupulous people are using the net to move smoky books that wouldn't actually be salable in the real world. And then not taking the returns as they don't consider smoke smell 'damage' and using the defense that the customer should have asked.

1:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This absurd question seems to entail the assumption that the dealer is selling his/her own private collection of books. A lot of buyers are naive enough to think that. But most dealers buy books constantly at dozens of different sales, where the stock has been collected from a multitude of anonymous donors -- so how would anyone know whether or not a particular volume came from a "smoke-free home"?

12:02 PM  
Blogger Mimi said...

I know I see "Smoke free" home often in Ebay listings.

I'd be ok with that one, but I don't live in a pet free home.

10:35 AM  

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