Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A week in mid 20th century England and Scotland

Thanks to the D. E. Stevenson novel I sold on eBay last week, I was able to spend a week in Scotland and England. Well, not literally, but through the story, which I decided to read during the week it was for sale on eBay. Bookselling might not providing the funding for international travel but it puts books in my lap that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise.

David is the main character in Five Windows, which is set in mid 20th century England and Scotland. He is the son of a Scottish minister and spends his pre-teen years in rural Scotland. He spends his teen years living with his uncle in Edinburgh and attending a day school. After graduation he moves to London and works as a junior clerk, rents a flat from a bookseller and helps him with the store and begins writing books.

Yesterday I packaged the book and mailed it to the customer. I felt a tad wistful because if I want to buy this book, and dip into a world where community - with its wide array of interesting and sometimes borderline dysfuctional characters - matters, where settling down with a girl you've known your whole life suddenly becomes more important than seeing the world, where a boy's favorite past time is to visit the local shepherd and the local mechanic, then I will have to pay $60 or more for my own copy.

Happily, my local library has copies of many if not all of her forty novels, including Five Windows. I will try Mrs. Buncle next. This also means that her books might show up at upcoming library sales. Many of them have excellent resale value, even the mass market paperbacks, so it will be a dilemna: sell them or keep them?
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