Friday, November 24, 2006

Feeding the Google Monster

I took the plunge on Wednesday and uploaded our eBay and Amazon listings to Google Base. All roads lead to Google, it seems. It took forever (10 hours) for our Amazon records to upload. Sheesh. The Google monster is a slow eater, I guess.

Google supposedly provides extra exposure for your books if they are listed in Google Base. Recent discussion over at the
BookThink forum seems to indicate that this is the case. At this point it's unclear to me if this exposure is any greater than the exposure I get from my eBay RSS feeds or Amazon's feeds.

In your Google Base account you can track the number of clicks and impressions your books receive on Google, so that's a bonus. I'm surprised at the number of impressions many of our books have received already. Apparently many people go to Google first when searching for a book, rather than heading straight to Amazon. Clicks are more important than impressions, however. A click can lead to sale. eBay listings have their own link so if someone clicks on your eBay link in Google there's a greater chance of a sale. Amazon listings don't have a link to your specific book, the link directs them to the general Amazon listing, so the clicker will see all available used copies for sale.

Steve Weber pointed out, there's nothing to prevent Google from someday flipping a switch and directing Google book searches solely to Google Base rather than to Amazon or eBay. I figure I should be ready for that possibility. For now, at least, I'll keep feeding the Google monster but I sure hope he starts eating quicker because the upload process is much too slow.
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