Saturday, November 18, 2006

What is it about bird books?

It's weird. As a reader I never seek out bird books, other than for the occasional reference, and never look at them in bookstores. As a bookseller I always make sure to check the nature section at sales and always grab any unusual bird books. I can't help myself.

When I list books I'm usually all about efficiency. With the bird books, however, I'm like a grandpa driver. I bring on the template that I reserve for my fancier listings, take several photos and can easily spend an hour fussing with the listing. I'm not a birder and it's been several years since I've managed to maintain a feeding station for birds on a consistent basis. I suppose my motivation is that, unlike most of the non-fiction that we sell, bird books are fun to page through and give me a chance to take a break from the computer screen and appreciate nature.

I've never stumbled across any valuable bird books so I don't have any flashpoints for you, unfortunately. I guess bookselling is not always about knowing which books are valuable. Sometimes it's just about appreciating the books themselves.
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