Thursday, December 21, 2006


Vintage paperbacks have a smell that is mellow and satisfying. Sales are not brisk this week so I had time yesterday to stop wrestling with b-flute and cull our fiction section. Third Daughter saw me sniff each vintage paperback and was intrigued and wanted a whiff. She, too, thinks the scent is pleasing and says it is reminiscent of an "old lady who sells books."

I have a couple dozen vintage paperbacks that I've culled from the inventory and think I'll list them on eBay tonight as a lot. A tip: for group lots of vintage paperbacks, when you add the words "cover art" to the eBay title along with "1950's, 1940's", and then list the names of the cover artists in the description, it seems to help drive more traffic to the listing. A week from now, when the auction ends, it will be three days after Christmas. People will probably have some time to putz around on eBay next week so I think I'll list a couple more lots. I have enough Landmark hardcovers to sell as a lot and also enough Modern Library books. Whenever I can pick up a Sue Grafton paperback for fifty cents or less I do and throw it in a box until I have a complete set. When sold as a lot her books will fetch around $2.00 each. I don't think I have enough Graftons for a lot so I'll hold off on that tonight.

I stopped by a thrift store today and looked for the books on the top ten list of out of print books compiled by the Bookfinder Journal. I didn't find any, of course, but it helped to cement the titles in my mind. The shelves were fairly well picked over. This isn't the week for shipping books or acquiring new books, apparently. That's OK. I'll create those eBay listings tonight and tomorrow I'll get to work on culling the children's books. Then I'll close up shop, so to speak, until after Christmas and brace myself for the January sales. Happy Holidays.

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Blogger Mimi said...

That Suzanne Sommers? I'm pondering if I'd buy a book of her poetry.

Anyway, I love that book smell.

1:53 PM  

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