Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The new iPhone: Small Really is Beautiful

I have looked at these photos of the new iPhone. A lot. To borrow the language of my teenager: "Me wanty."

I have only owned a smartphone for four months and it took me at least that many months to work up the courage to buy it. I used to blink uncomprehendingly when I would hear that the cell phone is the car on the information highway. But now I understand. Now I blink uncomprehendingly if I'm sitting at the play place at the mall and my smartphone battery is low and I can't go to Google Reader.

I justified the purchase of my smartphone (a Motorola RAZR) by saying I needed it so I could use ScoutPal while book scouting and that's true. ScoutPal has been invaluable. I certainly do not need to upgrade to an iPhone to continue to use ScoutPal, however, so I would need a different excuse if I were to purchase an iPhone. I haven't purchased an iPod yet and perhaps that procrastination has paid off. With the iPhone I'd have the iPod, camera, movie player and internet browser in one tiny device with no stylus, no keyboard. Such efficiency.

Small really can be beautiful.
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Anonymous sheila said...

I am dying to get a new phone because I have recently jumped into bookselling part-time, The other 'part' as it were is teaching... (Not much time left over but....) I now see the necessity of buying a phone so I can access the book sites to research prices before I buy (that way I'll be able to eliminate a lot of "firewood' as I've seen it called on other blogs.) I appreciate your comments about 'taking 3 months" before you got it because that is where I am at the moment. Do you think that Smart phone is the best tool and is it easily learned? Dealing with all this new technology is killing me!

Love your blog

Sheila newly of.... Sheila's Book Bazaar

6:28 AM  
Blogger Anita said...

Hi Sheila -
I wrote an article about this for Elaine's blog (the link is below). I do not think a PDA phone is necessary unless you need the PDA feature. A phone like mine, the Motorola RAZR, gives you the same features minus the PDA and connects well to the interent. Thanks for reading my blog and good luck with your book business.

6:40 PM  

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