Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ten Things I Love About Online Bookselling That Start With "L"

I'm adapting this meme to bookselling. I drew the letter "L" from a Scrabble bag so here goes:

  1. Listing books. When I sit down to this task I don't generally feel euphoric, unless I've just arrived home from a sale and am excited about the books. Once I've entered a few books and have established a rhythm I enjoy it. It makes for a nice late night activity.
  2. Library sales. Not all sales are equal but I enjoy suiting up and going to them and seeing the other dealers.
  3. Learning. There is always something new to learn in this trade and I visit the links on the sidebar regularly, as well as the BookThink forum and I subscribe to BookThink newsletters. This year I want to learn more about buying inventory online and spend a little time each day at this task.
  4. Lifting books. It's great exercise. If I've gone more than a few days without lifting a box or bag of books I know it means I haven't devoted enough time to culling or adding to the inventory.
  5. Loading books. When I'm loading books into the van it means I'm going to the Post Office, which I enjoy, because I get to chat with my favorite PO clerk and exchange important information with her, such as my recent discovery that DKNY Soho jeans are the most comfortable jeans ever, or it means I'm leaving a sale or thrift shop with the day's haul.
  6. Lucre. The reason I'm doing this, after all.
  7. Loneness. Not having to rub shoulders with co-workers or a boss each day is a bonus. I like the solitude of it.
  8. Looking for books. I can't help myself, I scan bookshelves everywhere I go, even the grocery store. You just never know where the next gem will be.
  9. Liberty. I can work a little, rest a little, am not confined to a set schedule. This is supposedly how our ancestors worked, according to a recent study by Rockefeller University: "Throughout much of the hunter-gatherer epoch they worked about 25 hours a week...our ancestors worked till the job was done, and then they stopped and rested. Later on, when they needed to acquire/achieve something else, they worked again. This is becoming increasingly more possible with today's technology." I guess online bookselling is a modern day version of hunting and gathering.
  10. Laptop. My most indispensable bookselling tool. It surpasses even the Motorola RAZR and DKNY jeans in terms of indispensability.
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Blogger Mimi said...

Loving the List!

10:11 AM  
Blogger Puerta Del Mar said...

What scanner do you use to scout for books. I'm interested in begining to do this, but have no clue about the hardware/software to use. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

10:49 AM  

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