Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Google Off Base?

I've decided I've had it with Google Base. Amazon can rest easy because I doubt Google seriously wants to make a dent in the bookselling market because it takes too dang long to upload books to Google Base.

The only time I was successful in uploading my entire inventory to Google Base it took 15 hours. During those 15 hours I could have written down each title by hand and sent the list by carrier pigeon to the Google headquarters. I could have uploaded the inventory
10,800 times to Amazon and the other venues (it takes five seconds to do uploads to those sites). My computer has a wireless connection so, occasionally, the connection breaks for a few seconds, thus I'm unable to let the computer run for the 15 hours necessary to do the upload because it freezes at some point. Grrr.

Yesterday I thought I outsmarted Google Base by uploading the inventory to BuyBundle. Now, no one is going to buy a bundle of books from me on Buybundle. The whole point in listing books with Buybundle is that they list the inventory on Google Base for you. It took mere seconds to do the upload. Groovy. Except only half of my inventory appears on BuyBundle. Huh? So, heck with Google Base. I've heard many booksellers squawk with glee over Google Base because they think it increases sales. But surely Amazon and eBay listings can appear on Google without benefit of Google Base?

While I'm ranting I might as well wonder if anyone out there has ever successfully sold a book to an international customer through Choosebooks? Every time I receive an international order it says that the buyer wants to pay on account. I'm an American and I don't play that game. Show me the money and I'll show you the book. I send an e-mail requesting PayPal payment but never ever receive a response. A waste of time.

IOn a more upbeat note, f you, like me, need a break from uploads, or the cold weather, you might enjoy this series of mysteries, based on the Mr. and Mrs. Darcy characters from Jane Austen. Sadly, there are only three books in the series so far, but they are giving me reason to endure the cold and adding a fun element to my evenings, and I'm grateful.
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Thank you for sharing that series recommendation!

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