Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Plugging Steve's Book

If you are an online bookseller then you probably already know Steve Weber. He's the author of The Home-Based Bookstore. His new book is about online marketing for authors. If you are an author, or want to be an author, this book is essential reading.

I'm not an author but the book interested me anyway because his tips about blogging, Myspace and websites apply to anyone marketing anything. I think one of the reasons Steve's bookselling book has been successful is because he has a a blog that supports it and allows him to interact with readers. He's extremely accessible. It's tools like this that allow authors to keep their book before their potential audience. He says that publishers aren't good about promoting books; it falls on the author to do that and the author shouldn't assume the publisher will do it all.

This book will also give you a much deeper understanding of Amazon and the importance of sales ranks, reviews and other techniques Amazon uses to boost sales. Steve tells the story of a novelist who used Myspace to create buzz for his book, which helped get his book published. So using these techniques before your book is even published is helpful too. I gave my copy of the book to a friend because her husband has recently published a book; they've already started implementing many of Steve's suggestions. This stuff works.
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