Monday, May 14, 2007

Ahhhh, AAUW

The annual AAUW (American Association of University Women) sale was on May 5. For me, this is the beginning of spring in the bookselling world here in Wisconsin. For the next six months there will be garage sales, church sales, and library sales to go to most every Saturday morning.

AAUW sales are always very pleasant. As I stood in line I thought about the recent BookThink forum exchange in which a bookseller revealed that he had been physically threatened by another bookseller at a library sale. The sale volunteers had to intervene and they came within a mere edge of calling the police.

Nothing close to this has ever happened to me at a sale. As I entered the AAUW sale another bookseller held the door open for me, letting me enter ahead of him, even though he had arrived before I did. This is far more typical of the behavior of other booksellers in my area.

I was under a time constraint and I had to work the sale quickly but the pickings appeared to be slim this year. I had a modest haul but left content because the experience was pleasant. The volunteers admired my Trader Joe's reusable grocery bag and admired the books I purchased. The aisles were hard to navigate but people were always kind enough to move out of my way. It felt good to be at the beginning of another spring bookselling season.

If there are AAUW sales in your area you should attend them. I travel to a couple of other AAUW sales throughout the year and they are always worth the effort.

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Blogger GuusjeM said...

Lucky you - I have always wanted to go to a AAUW sale but there aren't any in my area. Like you I am so over Library sales. To crowded, to stressful.

5:47 PM  

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