Tuesday, May 29, 2007

There's a first time for everyone

Sometimes I forget that buying used books online isn't the norm for everyone. This recent feedback comment by an Amazon customer reminded me of this:
"I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly my book got to me. I was wary at first to buy from an outside seller, but I was proven very wrong!"
Anxiety makes a lot of buyers hesitate. And when they hesitate they tend to ask questions. Ebay sellers in particular sometimes complain about this tendency. Someone on a forum said that there is one eBay seller who blocks buyers from bidding if they've asked a question.

You wouldn't ignore a customer if she was standing in front of your cash register and asking a question; you should speak to your potential online customers with the same courtesy. I admit that the questions are tedious. They'll ask for a photo of a $10.00 book. They'll ask you to double check and make sure the book has no marks. They'll want to know the copyright date.

Anxiety is at the root of most buyer questions and all they need is reassurance that you, the seller, are a real person who is attentive to their concerns. More than a few times I've received emails from buyers whotold me that they've had a bad experience with a previous seller and they just wanted to make sure they could trust me.

The next order you receive could be your customer's first online used book purchase ever. Make it a pleasant one.

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