Thursday, July 26, 2007

$30 for Shipping or $0 for Shipping?

Apparently thousands of people opt for the $30 option each month when they purchase Weight Loss Cure by Kevin Trudeau directly from his website.

You can purchase Trudeau's book on Amazon for $13.72 and pay only $3.99 for shipping. You could order all three of his books in hardcover for $49.96 and pay $0 for shipping.

If you prefer you can go to his website and pay $19.95 for the book and $9.95 for shipping. You can get his other two books for "free" as long as you pay the shipping charge of $9.95 per book. The total of the three books is $49.80. The same price as Amazon, basically, although you'd think that, psychologically, people prefer paying a smaller shipping fee. I guess the thought of getting a "free" book is more powerful.

The Amazon sales rank for his book is 24.
As a bookseller I know how buyers hate to overpay for shipping. I naively assumed that the majority of his books sell through Amazon or local bookstores.


This month 199,244 books sold through infomercials at $29.95 each for a total of $5,967,357.80 according to the data card for his book. Sixty five percent of the buyers are women. The majority of his sales are through infomercials.

I used to think that Amazon was the big enchilada but today I learned that if you really want to sell a lot of books you need to use infomericals or direct mail. The internet is still a bit player in comparison.

I wonder how many of those 199,244 buyers who were sucked in by the infomercial this month are people who turn around and complain about paying $3.00 for media mail for a book they buy on eBay.

According to Wikipedia Trudeau has spent a fair amount of time in court and paid fines for FTC violations, so there's a downside. I think I'll stick with my humble little online book business.
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Blogger Sammy Conner said...

Kevin T. is an amazing scam artist. It's disappointing to see his new book prominently displayed at Target, B&N, etc.

In his previous book, he claimed to have been a government secret agent who saw aliens & alien spacecraft in a secret army base. He also claimed to be 80-something years old, but young-looking because of his diet.

6:24 PM  

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