Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bookselling Uninspiration

I don't know about you, but this hasn't been a banner summer for finding new inventory. Church rummage sales used to be good to me but not this summer. There aren't any library sales to speak of in the summer. I haven't made a serious effort to use Craigslist to find inventory. I live near a major university so you'd think that would be a gold mine. Someday, maybe, I'll find a way to hit up professors - especially soon-to-retire professors - for inventory. There are undoubtedly many clever ways of finding new inventory.

Rather than be clever I think I will go to Castle Arkdale on Wednesday afternoon. With all those used books to choose from surely I will find things to give a much needed boost to my inventory. Even if I don't, the long drive in the country will be a nice break from the computer.

A side note: Elaine Krieg Smith hasn't updated her blog in six months. Does anyone know what's up with her? I e-mailed her some time ago but she didn't reply.

A final side note: I've added freelance writing to the mix and, as an internet marketing project, and also for personal reasons (my oldest daughter was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes on August 15 and my 12-year-old daughter has had diabetes for seven years), I started a blog about juvenile diabetes. If you know anyone affected by juvenile/type 1 diabetes please feel free to forward the link to them.

If you haven't already, you should take a peek at my recent blog entry for BookThink that describes the best eBay listing ever. Or, alternatively, you can look at a PDF of that eBay listing here. It's brilliant. And will make you laugh.

I hope you have a pleasant (and labor-free) Labor Day.
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Blogger Mimi said...

I didn't realize you had daughters with Diabetes. My prayers to you and they as they negotiate this path.

I LOVED that Ebay listing, it was brilliant, wasn't it?

Happy Labor Day to you too!

7:31 PM  
Blogger Carol Maltby said...

I've been concerned about Elaine too. I don't know her personally, but I read her blog. I hope she's okay.

It's something that anyone with a website needs to think about. If for any reason you can't continue with your blog, your website, or any other online activity, it would help if someone you trusted had access to the online accounts. It would have to be someone you trusted well enough to give your user name and password to -- or at least have that information in your important papers, with instructions on who to email.

10:37 PM  
Anonymous sheila said...

WoW! What a listing!! I'm curious how she had time to do that long listing with so many kids!! As many people said in the comments...she should try writing professionally. I also liked your comments on the Bookthink blog...telling a story of our own may help our'll slow me down even more though, as I am not the fastest typer or composer of witty prose, in the West!

I was also a keen reader of Elaine's blog and bought a couple of her ebooks. I emailed her a while ago having noticed she was no longer blogging but got no response. I hope all is well with her.
On another note I enjoyed backtracking in your blog after I clicked the highlighted links..somehow I missed those blog articles! The castle of a thousand(s) books sounds fantastic. Wish I was in striking distance
...Florida's a little too far to pop in from!

And did you do with your 30 day challenge? I petered out but hope to get back into the content area to learn all the gems I missed. Having a full time teaching job, selling books on Amazon and ebay tends to eat into your time a little...oh there's son number one (and only) who at 15, takes up mega bites of time hounding him to do all those things he didn't do!!

Happy unproductive Labor Day!


5:06 AM  

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