Monday, September 10, 2007

Martha Stewart and Halloween

I picked up nine 1995 Martha Stewart Living magazines at a book sale this weekend. Speaking of sales, what's with all the scanners these days? I went to three sales and not once did I whip out my cell phone. I pick through magazines and non-scannable books because, well, that's where the fun is, especially when eBay is one of your selling venues. Those that scan spend more time looking at their screens - do they even look at the title of the book? - than the books and it seems so opposite of fun to me.

But I digress!

I looked at completed auctions for Martha Stewart Living magazines today and noticed that the fall and Halloween issues from this era sell well. So there's a tip for you.

Inspired by the lady who wrote the Pokemon Card listing I loosened up a bit while writing my eBay listing for these mags. At least I had some fun. I'm writing 3000 words about venture capital for a client today so writing the Martha listing gave me a break from that.

I refrained from prison jokes and sarcasm. I figure the people looking at the listing are Martha fans. Actually, even though I'm so Not Martha, I've come to not mind her very much. At least she sticks to her niche - domestic perfection - and doesn't try to be all things to all people.
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Good writing!

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