Thursday, December 27, 2007

Does anyone ever find books on these top ten lists?

As you know, BookFinder publishes the top ten out of print books for the year each December. If you haven't seen the 2007 list yet the US list is here and the UK list is here.

These lists are very cool and interesting, of course. What I'm curious about, however, is if any of you have ever found one of these books while out scouting?

Do you carry these lists in your scouting books? Or do you commit any of these titles to memory? If so, have you ever found one of these books while you've been out and about looking for new inventory?

Or have you ever found one through dumb luck, not even realizing it was a valuable title?

Just curious.

I'll dutifully print out this year's list and dutifully carry it in my notebook. Maybe this year will be the year I finally find one of the titles.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI: Both your links go to the US list. Thanks for the info. I've never seen these when I'm out looking but I have several of them on a list a carry.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Omar Cruz said...

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6:44 PM  
Blogger Colleen said...

Not yet but one can hope and so I review the lists and keep an eye out. Good luck!

10:33 AM  
Blogger Bookride said...

Great stuff! You should find Dear and Glorious Physician now and then, in fact it is common and I'm surprised it is still wanted. Also Sex by Madonna (which looks a bit like a laptop) is not exactly scarce, also the knitting books can be found occasionally at library sales but you would be awfully lucky to find the Belichick book and could probably take the week off if you did. Nigel

7:27 PM  
Blogger sacratomato said...

oh crap -- I undersold Aran Knitting a few months ago.

10:01 PM  

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